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Making of Mini Bee


About the dream: For several nights I was dreaming a wonderful creature. Well, not a creature but a live machine. It was an adorable flying robot. Small, gentle, friendly, kind of a cute one. It was yellow with black stripes, more like a bumble bee. I ghastly remember this flying robot was playing with me more like my cat. So, I wake up every morning after that dream and had decided to take it to the next level. I cross all my professional busy schedule and start to recap my dreams. The figure was not that sharp from my dreams but after doodling with some sketches the primary silhouette was like this.                                                                                                 SKETCHES Image Conceptualization in Zbrush (Hardsurfacing awesomeness): Just for concept I pick up this sketchy guy and get settled to my desk. First I tried with Maya to make it up. But it had become more technical rather than fun. So I shifted my conceptualization base totally to Zbrush and start doodling with my character body parts in Zbrush. Zbrush’s handy HardSurface tools just amaze me with such flexibility that now I have decided to make every conceptualization in Zbrush. Zbrush WIP Image Topology: Zbrush Zremesher awesomeness and Topogun v2 draw and extrude operation flexibility:  After finishing my concept I went to Topogun first, but unfortunately it was a heck of time consuming process. Then I had started researching for a easy way, and Zbrush ZRemesher had come handy. Though it is for organic topology but I kicked my limits for hard surface in any way. Later I made bunch of tutorials on how to retopo within Zbrush with Zremesh for hard surfacing.

Here’s the link:

So I set my pipeline on this and start retopo. But for some critical objects I have also used Topogun v2. Now Topogun v2 has their awesome extrude option I have used its possible best way and now the time consuming process has reduced not dramatically but still enough to cover. Topogun WIP Image UV warping: (Zbrush awesomeness of UV master) Well, the next level of UV warp revolution is UV master. I have used it totally for UVing in a fraction of a minute. 3 Hours done in 10 minutes. Hats off.                                                                              UV Master for UV Warp  Image Modifying Objects and Final mesh selection: Maya awesome Subdiv smooth preview and awesome 2014 modeling toolkit: Always my best choice for 3d App was and is Maya. With their awesome modeling toolkit I have modified my concept to the next level and fixed some issues like physical possibility and placement accuracy of objects. I have used maya also for tiny details and eye shutter, head joint sockets etc. Maya rendering test Image Shader and Texture: I have used Arnold for Maya standard shader with flat colors, no need of textures. I Have used Arnold for Maya for the test.



I have used Maya for Rigging. Animation is done with Maya too.

Compositing is done with Nuke.

And finally here it is:

My Robot is ready to meet with you.


WIP UFO: Compositing Test RAW


WIP on Making of a UFO: Compositing.
Compositing Test

WIP on UFO for VFX Shot (texturing)

WIP on UFO making: I have used zbrush to texture the UFO.


Making a UFO for a VFX shot


I am doing a 3d modeling and texturing a UFO for a VFX shot. I have planned to do it in Maya and Zbrush. My WIP starts here:


First I have created a cylinder. Modify the cap of it into 8 segments. Then have deleted all the splits except one. And then I have used the face extrude method. Then duplicate the part in 45 degree rotation in X and duplicates number 7 in instance mode. For the shutter in the bottom…I have created a hemisphere with 14 segments and place all the vertices in a single row holding x for aligning in grid and drag the vertices layer by layer. Then delete al the segments except one just like before and duplicate it 13 times in instance mode. Then some blades in top part: for these I have created a blade shape using box modeling and duplicate it 7 times for a part side by side. Then duplicate it 7 times more in instance mode in 45 degree X rotation.
Before duplicating all of the time for every object I have always made sure that the pivot point is in the zero space in the grid. If not, I drag the pivot point using insert key pivot translate and drag it using X key into the zero or center space in grid. Then I have duplicated it. Now I am heading forward for UV setup.


Working on Sculpting basics. Here is the WIP.

Human topology, facial expression and character analysis

I have started some research on Human topology, facial Expression and character visualization. These are some sheets from my board. I am trying to develop an old African man now.