Making a UFO for a VFX shot


I am doing a 3d modeling and texturing a UFO for a VFX shot. I have planned to do it in Maya and Zbrush. My WIP starts here:


First I have created a cylinder. Modify the cap of it into 8 segments. Then have deleted all the splits except one. And then I have used the face extrude method. Then duplicate the part in 45 degree rotation in X and duplicates number 7 in instance mode. For the shutter in the bottom…I have created a hemisphere with 14 segments and place all the vertices in a single row holding x for aligning in grid and drag the vertices layer by layer. Then delete al the segments except one just like before and duplicate it 13 times in instance mode. Then some blades in top part: for these I have created a blade shape using box modeling and duplicate it 7 times for a part side by side. Then duplicate it 7 times more in instance mode in 45 degree X rotation.
Before duplicating all of the time for every object I have always made sure that the pivot point is in the zero space in the grid. If not, I drag the pivot point using insert key pivot translate and drag it using X key into the zero or center space in grid. Then I have duplicated it. Now I am heading forward for UV setup.


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