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The Making of Will Smith ( A Dotspot Artwork)

The Making of Will Smith ( A Dotspot Artwork)

Will Smith (A Dotspot Artwork). All the dots are just put in this way. Takes 1 week. I use some matrix dot print techniques this time. Complete work is available here.


Will Smith ( A Dotspot Artwork)


Will Smith is always my most favorite actor in Hollywood Industry. So here comes his Dotspot art work. Every Dots are put one by one. following some creative facial topology. I think this could be a good genre to work with specially in ceramic art or fabrics. So what do you think? Give me some feedback please. The making of is here if you are interested in this sort of artwork.


Working on Sculpting basics. Here is the WIP.

Human topology, facial expression and character analysis

I have started some research on Human topology, facial Expression and character visualization. These are some sheets from my board. I am trying to develop an old African man now.