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The Making of the portrait of Theia ( A Dotspot Artwork)


Yes! Its done! Here is the making of the portrait of Theia ( A Dotspot Artwork)!  Some snap shots from my book. Here I am showing you how the whole process has been done. These are some topologies I have made for the portrait. Fill it up with dots one by one. You can click the image for larger view. (more…)



Life death and in between

Today one of my favorite writer Humayan Ahmed has died. I just think how extremely wonderful this mixture of life and death is! You live to die, You die to leave!

Dotspot Artwork

Portrait of Theia – A Dotspot artwork.

Hello there world! This is a genre I am interested to work with these days. I was studying about human topology and muscle system. Suddenly I discovered something interesting. What if I design a human face with this topology not with lines or strokes but with some dots! And boom!! start it!! and this is the result. (more…)